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A Wedding Day Social Media Checklist for Vendors

Social Media

A few months ago, a planner/designer friend of mine told me about the wedding she had coming up that weekend. All of her work is incredible, but this one sounded particularly fabulous–industrial warehouse space, over-the-top florals, beautiful couple…the whole nine yards.

“I’ll be stalking your Instagram to see pictures!” I told her.

“Ugh,” she replied, “I’m so bad at remembering to share pictures on wedding days!”

On one hand, I totally applaud her–she’s focused on caring for her couple on the day-of, and that’s a wonderful thing! But, as you may remember from this post, I’m also a big believer in the fact that when planned intentionally, sharing about your clients on social media can be an extension of the amazing client experience you’re providing them with.

The following checklist includes all of the touchpoints I think would be 1. meaningful and encouraging to your clients and 2. fun and exciting for your followers (potential clients and industry partners alike) to see. Add or subtract from it to best fit your preferences, and see below for some tips on making sure these posts happen!

Social media posts to share for each wedding:

  • Engagement photo the week-of, expressing your excitement for the day
  • A post/Story of the rehearsal dinner, if you’re involved
  • A post/Story showing a sneak peek, on the morning of the wedding (paper goods or styled details are a great fit for this!)
  • A Story showing a moment of the ceremony or reception
  • A favorite photo of the couple or a design element at the very end of the night or the next business day
  • A favorite professional shot after the couple receives their photos
  • A professional shot(s) on the day the wedding is published, if applicable, linking to the feature
  • A professional shot of the couple on their first anniversary (and as many other anniversaries as you would like)


A few tips and tricks:

  • Pre-write and schedule (I love Planoly for this!) whenever possible. The first and last posts on the list would be easy ones to set up ahead of time.
  • Recruit an assistant or intern to snap the photos or Stories you want on the wedding day so that you won’t have to worry about getting/editing the perfect shot while you’re tending to the couple. Then, simply add a caption and hit “share” whenever you’re ready.
  • As soon as you finish or receive the professional photos, create a folder with your favorites that you can pull from easily for future posts. Along with the posts you’ll need for the list above, save any other particularly on-brand shots you might want to share someday.
  • As always, make sure your couple is okay with being posted about. If they’d prefer to keep their faces, names, or wedding altogether off of your social media, then respecting their wishes 100 percent is the best way to care for them!

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