You know you should be blogging your work, but can’t seem to fit it into your already-packed workflow.

You want to submit your work to publications, but struggle to express how special this particular wedding/shoot was.

You have gorgeous images for your social media feeds, but feel like you’re constantly saying the same thing in your captions.

You’re frustrated by feeling like it’s impossible to stand out in an oversaturated market.

It may be the right time for us to team up if…


but as a journalism school grad, I also value the art of conveying a message in the clearest, most efficient, impactful way possible. Through my work as an editor at a national wedding magazine, a longtime blogger, and a copywriter for a top fashion blog and brand, I’ve written hundreds of online and print features and thousands of social media posts over the years. I would be honored to put that experience to work for you!

As a lifelong writer, I’m passionate about bringing a story to life through words,

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Ready to take copywriting and editing off of your plate?

Don’t let your message lose its impact and authority because of a misspelled word or misplaced comma. I’ll go through your blog posts, social media posts, e-book, newsletter series, etc. with a fine-toothed comb to make sure your words are error-free, consistent, and clear.

Copy editing

You already have fantastic imagery and a strategic plan for your feed, but now you need the words to share your mission, communicate information with clients and customers, and build brand awareness and excitement...all before people scroll past you. I’ll write concise, compelling copy in your brand’s unique voice to accompany your existing photos. This is a perfect fit for businesses who are using mostly professional photographs in their feeds, and need the right words to make those gorgeous images more impactful.

Social Media

You just wrapped up a wedding that you’re confident would be an amazing fit for a certain magazine/blog, and you can’t wait to get the photos in front of them! To accompany your submission, I’ll craft the perfect words to express how special this particular wedding/shoot was, and why you believe it’s right for this specific publication’s brand and readers.

Submissions copy

You know you should be blogging; you just can’t seem to fit it into your already-packed workflow. I’ve written hundreds of blog posts over the years and would love to put those skills to work for you! I specialize in writing about real weddings, engagement sessions, and special celebrations, and pride myself in my ability to tell a couple’s unique love story in a thoughtful and beautiful way.

Blog Posts


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