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Five Reasons to Blog Your Work


I think it’s safe to say that in most parts of the country, October = smack dab in the middle of fall wedding season. This probably isn’t the time of the year when you’re spending hours on the computer–it’s the time when you’re processing flowers or sending off film or packing your bags with everything your couple may need from the minute they wake up on their wedding day till they drive off in their calligraphy sign-adorned getaway car. If blogging is not at the forefront of your mind, friend, I get it.

But does that mean you should put it off altogether, maybe until after the holidays when things (maybe) calm down and your desk is finally cleaned off? I don’t think so.

Here are five reasons why blogging your work is worth it (whether that means worth your time or worth your money if you choose to outsource it…if the latter, I know a girl ;))

1. Your blog is an extension of your portfolio. Yes, your best and favorite work should be highlighted in your portfolio, but I’m willing to bet that a bride who is trying to determine if she wants to spend thousands of dollars on your service wants to see more than just the highlight reel. If you’re a photographer, she wants to see the way you capture a wedding day as it unfolds from start to finish. If you’re a florist, she doesn’t just want to see the bouquet–she also wants to check out your centerpieces, boutonnieres, and the stunning installation you created for the ceremony arbor. The list goes on…the more you have to show, the more opportunities you have to convince a bride you’re the right person for her wedding.

2. It builds your community. When you blog a wedding and link to the other vendors who were involved, it shows your support of them and their work, and helps to build your community of industry friends and peers. Driving traffic to one another by blogging your weddings is an easy and impactful way to support the people you click with and love working with…and it increases the chance that new brides will see how well the two of you work together and hire you both! Win-win.

3. Your blog can help potential clients find you. It’s no secret that brides are turning to Google and Pinterest before almost anything else when they set out to plan their weddings. The more you blog, the more opportunities you give them to land on your website. For example, if people are searching “Dallas barn wedding venue,” “Austin winter wedding” and “Houston wedding photographer” and you don’t blog, they may only find you through that last search term, rather than finding you through a Dallas barn wedding and an Austin winter wedding you photographed and blogged as well!

4. Your blog can help publications find you. Here’s a little insider secret: while wedding publications and blogs may get hundreds of submissions per week, they still keep close tabs on vendors’ blogs and social media for weddings that may fit a specific “hole” they have–whether that means they’re looking for a rustic fall wedding, a wedding in Arizona, a wedding featuring ethnic diversity or a different culture, or a really stunning indoor wedding. You never know what they might be looking for, but blogging your work gives them the chance to find something they may be missing. P.S. In most cases, a post on your blog won’t violate a publication’s exclusivity rule.

5. Your blog post is part of your client’s experience. In many cases, a feature is one of the very last touchpoints a couple has with their wedding day and their vendors. By sharing a wedding on your blog, you’re expressing to your couple, I loved working with you two. Your wedding was beautiful. I’m proud of the work I did on your special day. Even the most self-assured and confident couple is sure to appreciate that reassurance…both that their wedding and your experience with them was “worthy” of appearing on your blog, and that they made the right decision by choosing you to work with.

Convinced you need to blog your work, but can’t seem to fit it in to your already-packed workflow? I’ve written hundreds of real wedding blog posts over the years and would love to put those skills to work for you! Get in touch here and let me know how I might be able to serve you through custom copywriting for your blog.






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  1. Darby

    October 5th, 2017 at 2:52 pm

    All of your points are so relevant, but I especially love your last point. 🙂


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