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Hooray! You can find some of my Raleigh recommendations in these posts: How to Support My Favorite Raleigh Businesses, My Top Five Brunch Spots in Raleigh, My Favorite Coffee Shops in Raleigh, and A Few Favorite Spots in Raleigh. You can also find many of my favorites in my "Raleigh" Instagram Story Highlight. 


My biggest piece of advice is that even though you can't control when an amazing job opportunity arises, you can control how prepared you are for when it does. I am a firm believer in doing everything you can to make yourself the best possible candidate for the position you have your eye on. You can read about how I got my job for Southern Weddings here and my job for Gal Meets Glam here.


Please feel free to DM me for links and details—I'm always happy to share! I also share my day-to-day outfits on my Outfits page, LiketoKnow.It, and in monthly Outfit Diary posts.


I included as many links as possible in my home tour posts: downstairs and upstairs + outdoor spaces. If you can't find the link you're looking for, send me an email or DM and I'd be happy to share! 


This topic is so dear to my heart. My best advice is to start with the feast days that are the most meaningful to you and to not be afraid to keep it simple. I shared many more thoughts on this over on The Catholic Feminist podcast a few years ago!


I take on a very limited number of copywriting and editing projects and love working with my incredible clients to bring their messaging to life! I specialize in retail product descriptions, lookbook copy, website copy, and client experience copy for wedding, fashion, and lifestyle brands. Please reach out if you would like to discuss a potential project!


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